Best Places to Retire Blog Series

One of the biggest reasons I was excited to join Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty was the prospect of international exposure, which allows me to offer more of the world to my clients. I am a huge proponent of international travel and exploration. I think visiting other countries allows us to be a bit vulnerable and step out of our comfort zones; where our biggest milestones and achievements are always accomplished. My family and I have been fortunate enough to travel to many international destinations and I am constantly planning my next overseas adventure. When I travel, I try to stick to places that are off the beaten path. I like to really see what life is like for locals and do my best to get an authentic experience.

So, when I came across International Living’sBest Places to Retire” series, I knew that I would need to share this information with my clients and friends. International Living has been researching, recording, and ranking the best places to retire to on a yearly basis, for over 25 years! It can definitely be said that they are the international retirement experts. They make their choices based on examinations of “cost of living, retiree benefits, climate, healthcare, and much more.” Using surveys of expats who actually live in these destinations, as well as, “months of research, number-crunching, and fact-finding” allows them to make a definitive list of the best places to retire, year after year.

In the upcoming Summer months, I’ll be giving my own spin and insight on several of the locations on International Living’s list that I have personally visited. So, please check back often and feel free to share your own experiences in these locations, as well! I am looking forward to writing and sharing this series with you; and for now, check out the list of 24 locations that International Living has declared the official “Best Places to Retire in 2017.”